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Learning Objectives- The purpose of this seminar is to help leaders and members of faith communities to:
  • Learn common definitions and prevalence of mental health disorders that may be associated with suicide risk; including depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders.

  • Identify factors that help to decrease suicide risk (protective factors) and factors that may increase the risk of suicide.

  • Recognize warning signs of persons who may be experiencing a mental health crisis and what to do to safely support them.

  • Understand community resources and processes available to support mental health, especially for those experiencing a mental health crisis.

  • Explore ways to provide support to surviving family members, loved ones, and communities of faith following a suicide attempt or death.

  • Discuss what mental health advocacy might look like within communities of faith.

The Iowa Board of Certification has approved the following CEU's for this seminar:

  • 4.75 — 3.75 Special Populations and 1.0 Alcohol/Drug

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